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T&E Card User Agreement & Policies and Procedures

Travel Management Website & Policy

Expense Report Submission Policy

Concur Access Request Form

Tulane Expense Exception Form

Policy: Timeliness of Expense Reporting/Reimbursement Requests

Meals Policy Guidance Rev 1-23-17

Spousal Travel Policy Rev 1-23-17

Purchasing Authority Policy Rev 4-10-17

Policy on Supporting Documentation For Reimbursement of Expenses Rev 1-23-17

Expense Reimbursement Processing Policy Rev 4-10-17

Division to Organization List

State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Concur Invoice All Division/Department Expense Types

Concur Tips

Tulane Concur Training Manuals

Expense Reports

Invoice Instructions for Student, Petty Cash Custodians, & Refunds Only

Payment Request Forms (Invoices)

Please visit the ePro (SciQuest/Jaegger) site for payment request policies and procedures:  https://epro.tulane.edu/content/eprocurement

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